Interpreting your Coaching Life Wheel Results

Once you have completed this exercise, you will have a good visual image of how your life is represented and you should be able to see the areas of strength and those that might need some work.

We have worked with many people on this exercise and have seen some score every section with 10’s and 1’s or 2’s. In our experience, extreme results in either direction indicate either a lack of self-awareness or honesty or for very low scores something much more psychologically deeper than this exercise and this programme by itself would be able to resolve.

If this is your experience, I strongly suggest that you either repeat the exercise with the honesty you deserve to apply to this exercise for yourself if you have given yourself very high scores. For serial low scores please check them again and if these scores are repeated we would urge you to seek some professional support from either a professional counselor or life coach.

The rule of thumb with this exercise is to regard any score below 7 as an area for obvious improvement. Clearly, the lower the score the bigger the issue might be, and some of them might be surprising. So, for example, if you have scored yourself 5 out of 10 for love for your current relationship this might be worrying as you may not have really analysed your relationship in this detail for a while and you may not be feeling as satisfied in this area as you deserve.

Taking the time to work through this exercise with candour and honesty helps to promote the value of true reflection and this is why being honest with yourself is so essential. Often, we do not really evaluate the areas of our lives that are making us feel unhappy or dissatisfied until they escalate into a crisis or watershed. Be honest with yourself and open to the results and start to prioritise the areas you want to work on for yourself.

The scores you give yourself on your coaching wheel allow you to improve your life. See the higher scores as an affirmation of the areas that are working well for you and the lower scores as areas that represent challenges in your life. We all see our lives differently and it is important to acknowledge that these scores reflect both your current life and your dreams for future change.


Once you have got a visual interpretation of your life in the wheel take some time to reflect on each area and explore why you have given yourself each score. Write down your thoughts under each heading making notes about each section of your life.

We find this is a valuable exercise being both a therapeutic and cathartic process. They will help you to clarify your thoughts, understand the reasons for your score, and will help you to see actions you can start to take to improve each area. It is also useful and life-affirming to reflect on the areas of your life that are working well and record your gratitude. 

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